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      At Sundrift, we carry a select line of brands that are at the forefront of conscious fashion and embody the casual-laid back lifestyle of Californian living. 

      Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good

      With so much noise out there, who has the time to sift through brands to stand behind that have the same values as we do? That’s where we come in. We filter out the bad so all you’re left with is just that good-good.

      Every brand we carry must meet one or more of the following practices/core values: 

      • Recycled – Brand uses recycled, upcycled materials
      • Certified – Brand is officially certified by third party organization
      • Organic – Brand uses materials that are grown without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals 
      • Natural – Brand uses natural raw materials and/or natural dye processing
      • Made in USA – Brand is made in the USA
      • Artisanal/Handmade – Brand works with skilled craft workers focused on producing small batch vs mass produced
      • Charitable – Brand contributes to charitable cause
      • Ethical – Brand partners with ethical manufacturers or use ethically sourced materials